J'ai reçu un nettoyage énergétique extraordinaire dont les effets bénéfiques ont duré plusieurs jours et durent encore...  Recevoir un soin d'Edna c'est se faire un beau cadeau.  

France B.

Dear Edna,

I firmly believe in your gifts! Your calls to me are miraculous. In your voice, in recounting your own life activities, and that which is occurring around us, helps me sweep away the malady and the confusion that surrounds, not just me, but many others. I have great faith in you, even when you, yourself are down, your calls, become a sort of healing from one to the other. 

Such an incentive, you are to me...however difficult the decisions we all face, when faced alone are so arduous!  You, have the ability to heal, thus believe how beneficial your healing is to a person in need, through your own personal healing!

I always wish the best for you, even miles and miles away,  just as your being in my life!

Un abbraccio,