Breast Cancer Coach - Consultant

Author & Motivational Speaker

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Edna, the Speaker...

Edna is a heart ❤️ based and passionate Inspirational speaker and can motivate an audience at any level of event from small fire side story telling gatherings to large corporate training events, Health and Wellness festivals and cancer conferences. 

Book Edna Benziger now for your upcoming motivational meetings,  conferences, nonprofit fundraising gala events, Retreats and more...
Speaking fees are negotiable depending on event.

Book Edna today!  For booking - CONTACT EDNA HERE

Edna, the Breast Cancer Coach...

Edna Benziger is also a consultant and certified practitioner in Quantum Integrative Energy Medicine and available to work one on one as a Breast Cancer Coach in person or remotely with a toolbox of professional modalities that have co-created the Benziger Method TM - Learn More

Book Edna Benziger now for your "DETOX" of mind, body and spirit experience including muscle testing (Kinesiology) of all your medications and supplements to customize your care for the prevention and holistic healing of breast cancer.

Consulting fees start at $150 per Office or remote Skype / Whats App sessions  (Also applies to house calls at no extra charge)

Sliding scale also available


Dear Edna, I firmly believe in your gifts! Your calls to me are miraculous. In your voice, in recounting your own life activities, and that which is occurring around us, helps me sweep away the malady and the confusion that surrounds, not just me, but many others. I have great faith in you, even when you, yourself are down, your calls, become a sort of healing from one to the other. 

Such an incentive, you are to me...however difficult the decisions we all face, when faced alone are so arduous!  You, have the ability to heal, thus believe how beneficial your healing is to a person in need, through your own personal healing.

I always wish the best for you, even miles and miles away,  just as your being in my life!

Un abbraccio, 


"In my very first session of working with The Benziger Method™ Edna was able to identify and resolve blocks that limited the energies around several of my chakras.  The origin of the blocks traced several generations back.  Edna quickly identified, resolved removed and cleared these blocks and I immediately felt clearer and more energized.  The clarity did not wear off either.

Yoram B, San Diego

"I met Edna in the town of Lahaina, Hawaii on a bright and sunny day where she was wearing these amazing pearls which I just had to ask about.  She told me that they were with a purpose and mission to better the consciousness of humanity.  Edna was impressive, sweet and humble at the same time.  I had the honor of receiving a healing session with Edna where she worked on all my chakras, identifying blockages and passed life associations.  She used crystals and became a conduit for the transmission and release of energies.  I felt a shift in by being almost right away in subtle forms and by the end of the day, I realized that I felt different inside, a sort of lightness, like a shift in my body had taken place.  I felt like I had an awakening of some sort and as the days and weeks passed, I have noticed great opportunities take place and even new love has entered my life.  I am grateful for the opportunity to have met Edna and hope that more people can come to experience such greater things with the help that Edna may provide to achieve these results through the many modalities she has mastered."

Victor Jordan Ostrovsky