Through the very personal  and profound journey of  my own healing and transformation, “THE BENZIGER METHOD” TM has evolved and is a powerful high energy modality which serves to help people of all ages and all levels of consciousness and is not limited to breast or prostate cancer clients.  Ms. Benziger works with  and coaches women and men  (who are  also developing breast cancer at young ages!)  She also has helped a growing clientele ranging from young healthy athletes needing to enhance their energy and peak performance through expansion of  their “BIO-FIELDS”, clearing energetic  and Karmic blocks,  rebalancing chakras, eliminating unconscious negative belief systems and recommending scientifically proven and patented supplements using KINESIOLOGY (muscle testing) for customized care.  Ms. Benziger has also consulted with company  HR departments to offer her services  to management and  employees for improving performance, team building and general Health and Wellness.  

Creative artists  are also benefiting from greater guidance and  “DIVINE DOWNLOAD” by accessing the  “SOURCE FIELD” as Ms. Benziger facilitates a QUANTUM based  BIO-ENERGETIC process incorporating Akashic Records  which is truly customized and spiritual and well as scientific. This is the hallmark of Ms. Benziger’s work and her  passion and purpose includes helping others with expansion and empowerment and discoveting their "Soul Purposes".  

Ms. Benziger primarily works “remotely” but also really enjoys making “house calls” when home-based in her communities, which include Montreal QC , New York, NY,  Bay Head NJ and Sun Valley, ID.  She is expanding her clientele and professional network internationally and offers customized and personalized “CONCIERGE” coaching for all her  clients.  Her recent YouTube  and Vimeo videos describes this mission with passion. Funding is also possible and greatly appreciated  by donating on the transcending the website - Donate Here.   Ms. Benziger is working on her first E-book about “detoxing the mind, body and spirit to prevent breast cancer” and welcomes anyone to join her editing and launch teams by visiting her landing page.  Funds are also welcome to help subsidize the cost of my services, consulting fees  and supplements for those less privileged.



Private guiding for healing retreats to the best INTEGRATIVE MEDICAL CANCER “KLINIKS” in Switzerland, Germany and Austria is also available.  Ms. Benziger also guides private clients to  Brazil to work with JOHN of GOD or at THE OMEGA INSTITUTE, NY or wherever the world renowned Medium may be working internationally. 

Training and certification  in  HYPERBARIC OXYGEN THERAPY (HBOT) has expanded Ms. Benziger’s consulting practice to refer clients for a variety of conventional as well as “off-label” healing options for her cancer clients as well as for Sports Medicine.   


Ms. Benziger  has witnessed the  ever increasing  effective and legal use of medicinal marijana , CBD  and Hemp products along with the internationally awarded and patented LIQUID BIOCELL COLLAGEN  which has  been  scientifically researched  and has helped herself, family members, friends and clients and  all  these NON-TOXIC products are available through her website.   


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