Edna Benziger is the Founder and Director of TranscendingthePINK.org, the only non-profit organization focused on the PREVENTION and HOLISTIC healing of breast cancer. Edna is also the designer of her own creative collections of “Pearls with Purpose “, organic energy jewelry designed and blessed with the intention to balance the heart chakra as well as raise initial seed money for her mission. Long term goals include funding research and education and subsidizing the cost of the non-toxic health products and nutraceuticals for immunocompromised breast cancer patients.

Edna Benziger is the author of the upcoming E-book “Transcending the PINK: Detoxing the Mind, Body and Spirit to PREVENT Breast Cancer”.

Edna speaks from her heart and her powerful mind thanks to her own healing journey “transcending” three BRCA2 breast cancers that were truly induced by genetic, spiritual, emotional and environmental toxicity.

Edna earned a postgraduate Diploma in College Teaching from McGill University and enjoyed many years of educational, administrative and marketing experience in Respiratory Therapy and Home Care.

Granted a MS Degree followed by eight years of Doctoral studies at Holos University Graduate Seminary, Edna was also trained and mentored by world leaders in Energy Medicine and Spiritual Healing. She continued to earn many certifications including Reiki Master, Akashic records, Matrix Energetics, EFT, Biofield Science technologies, Kinesiology, Hyperbaric medicine and more. Edna studied Feng Shui and Permaculture Design and incorporates this knowledge into her presentations with a focus on the PREVENTION of breast cancer.

Edna has travelled as a scientist, guide and missionary around the world to explore and research cutting-edge cancer clinics as well as shamanic and spiritual practices and will captivate you with her unique story telling and photo journaling gifts using new multi-media technology for presentation, E-book publishing and crowdsourcing called Solu.pub.

Over the last 15 years, Edna has developed her own private practice in Integrative Quantum Energy Medicine using “The Benziger Method” TM which she will offer during the UNIFYFEST for past life, karmic and spiritual healing to those who are open and ready for this Quantum work that is truly transformational.


Transcending the Pink Breast Cancer Prevention Detox  

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