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Edna Benziger

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Join Edna's pre-reader team for her upcoming e-book and receive the free pdf e-book.  Pre-readers will be Edna's beta team to be the first ones to read the book and work with Edna on editing and revisions.  The pre-readers will also be closely involved in promoting Edna's transformational book when it launches.

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Join Edna's launch team to receive the free pdf e-book when it is released!  Edna is a pioneer in breast cancer prevention and holistic healing through detox of the mind, body and spirit.  There is an effective natural treatment for breast cancer and you can help get the message out!

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Transcending the PINK.org

A non-profit focused on natural and holistic treatment of breast cancer

Edna Benziger is the founder of TranscendingthePINK.org and is working to raise awareness of the health hazards of following western medical recommendations of toxic radiation and chemo therapy for the treatment of breast cancer.

Edna is a three-time breast cancer survivor and has gained great knowledge about treating breast cancer in a natural and holistic way through detox of mind, body and spirit.  Edna also has the ability to do karma clearing and chakra activation to allow for free energy flow and healing.     

If you, or someone you love has been diagnosed with breast cancer and want to find an alternative to the standard toxic treatments...

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